This project is read-only. Favorites Downloader
help you to download and install your world of warcraft addons from

This aplication will download, unzip (or unrar) and place to right folder your favorites addons from

What this tool doing exactly:
1) Login to using your login and password
2) Get your Favorites Addons list
3) Download them and Unzip into your WoW/Interface/addons folder

Notes & Tips:
1) After installation look for shortcut on your desktop or run it from place where to you was installed it
2) If there is no wow installed, then application will download all Addons into local folder
3) If you want to unselect or select group of addons from list then simply right click on Addons list and choose right option
4) If some addon is not for download at all (like wowtoc.exe) then use "skip" checkbox functionality
5) Select addon from list and riht-click on it will give you an option to view addon Description & Changes, and even give you possibility to download selected addon or open addon page by your default web browser

green -> addon is up to date
red -> new version of addon was released and must be downloaded
violet -> addon has been never downloaded before
blue -> addon has no Upload Date in favorites list and must be managed manualy, download it as often as you need

1) .toc fail version repair
2) localizations
3) improve tooltips

Feel free to mail me or post comments if you want to tell me somthing.

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